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Choosing Your Catering Menu

There are a variety of catering menu options available to you when choosing a catering company for your next party or event. From formal multi-course plated meals to informal, serve yourself buffets there is a wide variety of catering company menus available from which to choose. To determine which catering company menu will fit best with your party theme there are several things to consider.

Many catering companies let you select from variety of types of food to create the ideal menu for your event. From a variety of cheese and fruits to uniquely flavored meats there is a countless number of flavor combinations available to you when thinking about catering menu options.

The first consideration when planning your catering menu is the time of day during which your party or event will be held. If you are planning an early morning corporate meeting, you may want to offer a catered menu with a selection of light breakfast foods such as bagels, fruit, muffins, and coffee. However, if you are planning a baby shower brunch you will should select catering menu options to create a more substantial meal for guests. This menu may include more hot items such as breakfast casserole or even an omelet station. For a party hosted in the afternoon, you may desire selecting a catering company menu serving a variety of hors d-oeuvres. For evening parties and receptions, you will likely desire a full dinner menu.

Another option to consider when picking a catering company menu for your event is the option to select certain menu items to fit with a particular theme of your party. For example, your theme for a graduation party might be a luau. If this is the case, you should select a catering company menu that focuses on tropical flavors. Some examples of catering menu items, which fit in this theme, include tropical coconut shrimp and almond crusted halibut. A catering company menu can also be customized to fit into your color theme. For wedding and baby showers, you may decide to select catering menu options that match the color theme of the party. For example, deserts can have your desired color icing or side dishes can be chosen to match a color them.

Finally, when determining your ideal catering menu options, you should consider the different menu types, which are available to you. The following menu styles are common styles among catering company menus:

  • Buffet style Menu: A buffet catering menu is usually an economical way to serve large numbers of people. This style of catering menu allows you to choose several main courses and side dishes to make available to your guests so that they can choose the meal, which they desire.
  • Multi-Course Plated Menu: A multi-course plated menu is a very formal catering menu option. In this case, you guests will remain seated and be served each course individually throughout the meal.
  • Stations: A catering company menu which provides multiple chef’s stations allows your guests to enjoy the experience of selecting their ideal ingredients and have their meal prepared in front of them. This catering menu option creates a unique dining experience and makes the dinner the central focus of your event.