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A Few Common Concerns When Selecting a Wedding Reception Site

Selecting the wedding reception location can be one of the most difficult decisions that you make during your wedding planning process. There are a number of issues and concerns to address when you are selecting a wedding reception site. From choosing the size of the banquet hall, which you will need, to determining the size and placement of each table, there is no small decision as you plan your dream wedding. However, it is important to look at all of the decisions, which you will need to make throughout the process so that you can determine which issues are most important to you personally compared to the others.

The following is a list of top concerns you may want to consider when you are selecting a wedding banquet hall.

Wedding Banquet Hall Size

The size of the banquet center selected for your wedding reception is important especially if you are planning a large wedding. Most wedding banquet halls have a maximum number of guests, which they can accommodate. Therefore, it is important to know the number of guests you expect at your wedding prior to selecting the wedding reception location. Some larger banquet centers offer more rooms in a variety of sizes from which to choose.

Dance Floor

When selecting a wedding reception site you will want to think about the size and location you want for the dance floor at your wedding reception. Some people want a large dance floor knowing that it will be crowded throughout most of the evening. Others may realize that their guests are less likely to spend a lot of time dancing. These people will want to focus on selecting a wedding reception location that is more suitable for conversation rather than dancing.

Additionally, you will need to think about whether you will have a band or a DJ at your wedding reception. If you are going to have a band at your wedding reception, you may need to select a wedding banquet hall with a larger dance floor, as the band members will take up some of the dance floor. DJ stations take up varying amounts of space, so you will need to speak to your DJ company to determine the exact amount of space required.

Indoor Wedding Reception / Outdoor Wedding Reception

Another decision to make when planning a wedding reception is whether to select an indoor wedding reception location or an outdoor wedding reception site. An outdoor wedding reception location is possible when you wedding will be held in the spring or early summer as the weather should be pleasant. However, even in the spring weather can be unpredictable with frequent thunderstorms. Therefore, you may want to make sure if you select an outdoor wedding reception site that you have a back up accommodation just in case the weather does not cooperate. For example, some outdoor wedding sites offer the use of a gazebo or tents for protection from the elements.

Wedding Banquet Hall Rental Costs

The cost to rent a wedding banquet hall can vary by a large amount. Therefore, you really need to set your ideal price for renting a wedding reception location and try to find the site that fits into this price range while still providing the feeling of elegance and atmosphere that you desire. You should not have to sacrifice your dreams to have the wedding reception, which you really desire, because of costs. Spend some time looking around at many different wedding reception sites and with the many options available to you, you are sure to find one that fits into your budget and provides the atmosphere, which you desire.

Through careful planning and consideration of these elements among others, you can find the wedding reception location that will allow you to have the wedding of your dreams.